Book « Natura – or the Secrets of the Book of Nature » – Pierre Lassalle – ebook version


Do you want to help Nature recover from the massive destruction that human beings impose on it? This book provides you with real solutions as welll as the pratical and radical means to succeed.

  • With Ecosophy, change your lifestyle and live in rhythm with Nature.
  • With Naturosophy, create a connection with Nature’s beings and the life beyond appearances.

Check for yourself! Open the doors to the New World and create yourself a future!



All you have ever wanted to know about Nature but never dared to ask!

You like Nature? You want to find peace with her and help her heal? This is your book, since it contains the remedy.

If you want to go beyond ecology and even deep ecology, it’s possible! Thanks to ecosophy, find answers to all your questions:

  • What provokes the destruction of Nature?
  • Why are human beings responsible?
  • What can they do to remedy the problem?
  • What are the practical tools to implement today?

Pierre Lassalle invites you to discover ecosophy and naturosophy, practical knowledge enabling humans to save and heal Nature.

He confides to you his encounters with the Goddess Natura, namely Mother Nature, who explains to him “who she is”, and what Nature needs.

He reveals to you the invisible backgrounds of Nature, with all her beings at work, her seasons and her in depth functioning.

You will also learn how to practice each of the major sacred festivals of the year, in order to establish a rhythm in your lifestyle, while contributing to the healing of Nature. Unheard of!

Be open to revelations: humans can bring redemption and evolution to Nature, to create with her a New World: this book offers practical ways to achieve this. It is simple and can change everything.

Nature needs of all of us: with Her, let’s create a New World!

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Pierre Lassalle avec la collaboration de Céline Lassalle et Lucidaëlle


Terre de Lumière


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2e trimestre 2015





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